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Where to go for luxury honeymoon

May 24, 2019 - ILE Tours Peru

Live a magical experience in your honeymoon trip in Peru, which offers important tourist attractions, fun nights in its cosmopolitan streets and cultural activities that will surprise you. It is a place full of history that houses one of the seven natural wonders of the world: the citadel of Machu Picchu and that certainly can not stop knowing if you want to live romance and adventure in one place.

If you are thinking of making a unique and unforgettable honeymoon, these destinations are ideal to help you plan that beautiful experience according to what you want.

Honeymoon in Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley of the Incas, is ideal to spend a luxury honeymoon, there are important boutique hotels up to 5 stars, in this area, as well as tourist destinations and its location has a pleasant climate.

aranwa sacred valley boutique hotel1

Main Square of the Cusco

Currently the Plaza de Armas is located in the historic center of Cuzco, and is surrounded by tourist restaurants, coffee shops, luxury hotels, jewelry stores, travel agencies, tourist shops, etc. The two temples built around them are kept as such in the hours of worship, outside of these hours are museums open to the public. Most of the buildings have some Inca walls in their foundations, however it is the colonial style that prevails. That is why it is an ideal place to spend your honeymoon, full of tradition and culture.

City Tour Privado Cusco

Cruise Along the Amazon River

Enjoy your honeymoon in the Amazon with style aboard the best Luxury Cruises in Peru. Immerse yourself in the virgin forest of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, in an unforgettable trip through one of the most remote areas of the Peruvian jungle. Covering more than five million hectares, the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is one of the largest protected submerged forests in the world. Due to the fragility of its ecosystem, the best way to explore it is in a luxury boat.

Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Iletours

Honeymoon in Machu Picchu

Do you dream of having a magical honeymoon? Machu Picchu is one of the best options for those couples looking for a magical and unique place. Offers luxury hotels, beautiful mountainous landscapes and incredible adventures.

Machu Picchu Tours Christmas Iletours

Honeymoon In Paracas

A honeymoon in Paracas is an excellent decision if you intend to travel to the interior of Peru and a destination increasingly recognized worldwide for its cultural, historical, scenic and gastronomic richness.

The sea offers a beautiful natural spectacle in Paracas an explosion of wildlife on beaches, islands and cliffs, whose contemplation is a true luxury for the senses. The Paracas reserve is a refuge for sea lions, Humboldt penguins, flamingos and pelicans, among other marine birds.

paracas 1

Honeymoon in Lima

If you are looking for a place full of history, architecture, cuisine and a lot of culture, the Peruvian capital is indicated as a destination for one of the best trips of their lives.

With an exquisite mixture of Inca tradition and modernity, Lima welcomes visitors with an atmosphere of a cosmopolitan city that gives an important place to history, not in vain was its historic center declared a World Heritage Site. This beautiful contrast makes it a perfect city to travel as a couple and continue the adventure that began with the delivery of the engagement ring. The Peruvian capital is ideal to leave behind the cares of planning, the decoration detail for marriage and have a few days to indulge, pamper yourself, strengthen your commitment and dedicate phrases of love in all corners and great places offered by the city.


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