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TOLL FREE USA/CANADA: 1 888 560 2952
TOLL FREE UK: 0 808 189 1400
EMAIL: info@iletours.com

Social responsability

ILE Tours operates a volunteer program where children in rural areas of Peru benefit from your time, gifts and skills. With limited opportunities in rural areas we feel it is essential to leave the city and go to where the need is greatest. You can add a volunteering day trip to your touring itinerary or volunteer for a week.

Our programs focuses on providing shoes, food and teaching English to children.

We like to ask our passengers to consider making space in their luggage for bringing old children’s clothes, shoes or school supplies of any kind to Peru.

We will ensure your gifts are brought to rural areas and given to children outside of Cusco who appreciate anything. You are more than welcome to accompany us as we go to distribute items donated.

The same luggage space you use for bringing children’s items will later provide space to pack souvenirs and gifts you accumulate during your trip.

ILE Tours always donates a portion of all its sales to children in Perú with needs.

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