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5-star luxury glamping Peru

March 12, 2020 - ILE Tours Peru

Glamping fuses the wildest nature with modern luxury. A special way to experience life in different parts of the world without having to sacrifice everyday comforts.

With thousands of accommodations around the world, glamping, which is the combination of camping and glam, is taking the outdoor travel industry by surprise and giving the most demanding travelers the opportunity to reconnect with nature from the comfort of a luxury rental with high-end amenities and philosophy of sustainable tourism.

The “Glamping” is a trend increasingly requested by travelers with many resources who want to have the advantages of camping (outdoors, nature …) but with the details of a luxury hotel.

When we think of a campsite, the image of flashlights, heavy backpacks and tents comes to mind. However, something different happens with glamping. It evokes images of vintage oil lamps, massages, and bathrooms in stores with underfloor heating. And it is that glamping is a type of ‘glamorous camping’ where luxuries are not scarce.

We choose some of the best options in Peru to find the ideal one for you and your next vacation.

Discover the best luxury camps

  1. Cusco Salkantay Snowy Glamping
  2. Cusco Camping Inca Trail
  3. Ica Glamping
  4. Huarochiri Glamping

Cusco Salkantay Snowy Glamping

It is one of the most spectacular walks that can be done in Cuzco. In it, you will enjoy such beautiful landscapes and snowy mountains, Andean landscapes, tropical forests, and even dense jungle.

5-star luxury glamping camping peru
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Cusco Camping Inca Trail

The Inca Trail of Luxury is designed for people who want to make their trip a dream experience, enjoy personalized and exclusive service in each of the services that will be combined with natural beauty, history and the great mystery that surrounds the Inca trail.

glamping inca trail
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Ica Glamping

In the desert of La Huacachina, tents are assembled with comfortable double beds and carpets, lamps and Arabic-style tables are placed. The two-course dinner (entrance and barbecue) and wine are served in the light of a campfire.

glamping ica peru

Huarochiri Glamping

85 km from Lima, in the town of San José, Chorrillos, in the province of Huarochiri, a dome camp with a capacity for 10 people is built.

Huge domes that look like igloos during the day, and illuminate the mountain at night, are the space to sleep under the stars. Almost eight meters in diameter, surrounded by a canvas that protects from the wind, they are dressed with electric power, wooden floors, beds with feather bedspreads, a dining room and private bathrooms. They are the perfect place to be in contact with nature but without losing comfort.

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