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Hiking Chinchero Sacred Valley

Chinchero, the most typical population of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, is a purely Inca city, a beautiful place, where you can walk freely, enjoying the landscape and its streets, and along the way appreciate the archaeological sets of chinchero, which It draws attention for its terraces. Chinchero, Virgen de la Natividad Church, from

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Best luxury trips for singles South America

Traveling alone is an extraordinarily rewarding way to experience the world. This is because traveling alone gives you the time and space to reflect, inspire and take risks in a distant environment. The good news is that small group trips are ideal for people traveling alone and looking to expand their horizons. Snowy of Salkantay

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Staging places, festival of the sun Inti Raymi Cusco Peru

It must be noted the Inti Raymi had three scenes staged in three different places. The first ceremony was held at Qoricancha Temple, where the Inca escorted by his entourage  sang to the Inti (Sun God). The second one took place at Cusco’s main square, where the Inca reenacted the famous, and the third in Sacsayhuaman.

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Luxury Amazon Lodges Ecuador

Hamadryade Lodge 4-star hotel This lodge, owned and managed by France, offers an excellent opportunity to combine an Amazonian experience without sacrificing luxury and style. Located only 3-1 / 2 of Quito, capital of Ecuador, it is the perfect place for a couple to live an adventure in the heart of the jungle, while enjoying

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Luxury Galapagos Honeymoon

The Galapagos are an Ecuadorian archipelago of 19 islands and 215 islets. Located in the Pacific Ocean, about 1000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, one of its greatest attractions is the biodiversity of its flora and fauna. And because they have been isolated for millions of years, they preserve unique species, without forgetting that

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Bird watching tours Machu Picchu South America

Machu Picchu Village is ideal for bird watching. Inkaterra, a pioneer in Peru of ecological research and conservation funded by tourism, presents a paradise for birdwatchers – a program of exciting experiences on the properties of Inkaterra, in the main destinations of Peru. Discover nature in its most diverse state, together with the rich cultural

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Best museums to visit in Lima

In addition to the impressive natural attractions of Peru that surprise not only for its beauty but also for the great historical burden that each one has, museums have become an obligatory point of reference for those who want to know in depth the rich culture of the country. 1. National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology

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Best luxury yachts in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are special and this is, without a doubt, the special yachts to explore this living laboratory of evolution. These luxury yastes have more advanced navigation and safety equipment, for the safety and comfort of the guests. Guests enjoy delicious meals, impeccable service and excellent facilities, including a whirlpool, gym, a cozy bar

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Luxury Culinary Tours to Peru

When traveling, it is not enough to know the most tourist areas in a superficial way, but rather to completely immerse yourself in the day-to-day of the place you visit. Gastronomic tourism offers the possibility of knowing the history and culture of a country through its cuisine, and therefore, it is a growing trend. Culinary

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Luxury Wine Tours in Ica – Pisco

Luxury wine tourism in the best vineyards in Peru Hotel Viñas Queirolo The Viñas Queirolo hotel is a luxury in the middle of the desert. Surrounded by 400 hectares of vineyards, the place invites you to relax. Built with an architectural style that evokes the Republican period, the hotel boasts comfortable and spacious rooms. The

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The best boutique hotels in old town Quito Ecuador

The purpose of boutique hotels is to make the customer feel at home. They seek to create a unique experience for the client. The exclusivity offered by this type of accommodation is one of its main features. Being small hotels, generally less than 100 rooms, privacy and privacy are guaranteed. In addition, the environment where

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The most luxurious train in South America

For those who seek comfort and convenience, now, it is possible to make a spectacular journey through the mountainous landscapes of the Andes in South America, visiting locations full of history while enjoying the comforts of traveling in a luxury train. Tren Crucero – Ecuador Experience the wonders of Ecuador on board Tren Crucero, recognized

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