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Best christmas holiday destinations in south America

Machu Picchu Peru One of the tourist destinations in South America that needs no introduction. The great Inca citadel, that historic sanctuary embedded in the promontory that joins the mountains of Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu at almost 2500 meters above sea level is the mecca of every traveler. In addition to being part of

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Independence day in Peru 2019, celebrate like authentic Peruvian

If you visit Peru in July, you can be infected by the patriotism of many Peruvians, you will see entire families dressed with the color of the Peruvian flag, red and white. Find out how to celebrate national holidays and inspire with Peruanity during your trip. In this article, we tell you how to celebrate

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28-29 Peru’s national Holidays, time to celebrated

The patriotism invades the cities of the country all over the month. On July 28 and 29 Peru celebrates, but… What exactly?On July 28 is commemorated the proclamation of the Independence of Peru since 1821, but the celebration of the national holidays goes much further than remembering this date. The Peruvian anniversary is about the

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Best place for Humpback whales watching Puerto López Ecuador

Months of whale watching from June to September. Every year you can see the sighting of humpback whales in the city of Puerto Lopez, in the province of Manabí, west of Ecuador, during the dry times in the equatorial Pacific, they arrive from Antarctica in a journey of love and survival until the paradisiacal coasts

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Best Places for Scuba Diving in Galapagos

The beauty of diving in Galápagos is due to the fact that most animals do not feel afraid of their visitors, the park’s strict laws of not touching or disturbing the fauna have made the interaction between travelers and fauna respectful. This is what makes them more friendly and curious and while respecting the limits,

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28 June National Ceviche Day

Ceviche: Peruvian National Dish Every June 28, Peruvians celebrate the national day of this emblematic dish, which was declared as “traditional Peruvian food”. Peru is celebrating; and it is that one of the most representative dishes of our country, is this well-known dish, which delights even the most demanding palates. The Cebiche can be prepared

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Hiking Chinchero Sacred Valley

Chinchero, the most typical population of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, is a purely Inca city, a beautiful place, where you can walk freely, enjoying the landscape and its streets, and along the way appreciate the archaeological sets of chinchero, which It draws attention for its terraces. Chinchero, Virgen de la Natividad Church, from

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Peruvian Food and Gastronomy in South America

Peru boasts some of the finest cuisines in Latin America and the world.  Recipes such as cebiche (raw fish marinated in lemon juice), pachamanca (meat and vegetables cooked underground), chupe de camarones (shrimp soup), ají de gallina (spicy chicken) and juane (cornmash pastries) are just a few of the mouth watering dishes served up in

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Gastronomy and Food in Lima

Travellers in Lima have innumerable alternatives to taste the delicious Peruvian cookery. There is an ample sort of restaurants of all kinds. As well as an incredible offer in the outskirts of the city.From the restaurants where the most sophisticated variables are shown, which include the recent and innovative Novo-Andean food, to the restaurants specialised

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Most Popular Ica Typical Dishes

The cuisine of Ica is a fusion of Creole cuisine and African cuisine dela influence your meals are based on beans and beans seasoned with peppers, representative carapulcra dish is accompanied with dry soup or noodles seasoned, ICA is one of the places in Peru that has a variety of marine species therefore can cook

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Gastronomy of Cusco

Cusco has one of the best cuisines of the Peruvian Andes where the use of the potato prevails.The usual places to try food from Cusco are the traditional restaurants called chicherias and picanterias where you can eat typical dishes like: Stew Made with fresh lamb, cezina, chickpeas,boiled potatoes, carrots, corn, cabbage and rice. Chicken soup

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Traditional dishes in Arequipa

The Gastronomy of Arequipa has international reknown. It has a great variety that is the biggest variety compared to that of the other departments of Peru and it’s well known for its good taste, the way it is seasoned and its red pepper; it’s for that reason that the places in which it’s sold are

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