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Most Popular Ica Typical Dishes

August 31, 2019 - Iletours Peru

The cuisine of Ica is a fusion of Creole cuisine and African cuisine dela influence your meals are based on beans and beans seasoned with peppers, representative carapulcra dish is accompanied with dry soup or noodles seasoned, ICA is one of the places in Peru that has a variety of marine species therefore can cook dishes like seafood ceviche rich, jellies, stretcher, tiraditos among other dishes.

Food Typical Ica


Dried potato stewed and stewed with pork and chicken meat, chili pepper and sunflower, garlic and other spices.


Chupe de pallares verdes

Pallares soaked cooked in an onion dressing when cooked is added abundant cheese and milk.

chupe de pallares verdes

Coctel de camarones

Cooked shrimp served in a glass

coctel de camarones

Ensalada de garbanzos

Chickpeas cooked with lemon and rocoto onions.

ensalada de garbanzos

Ensalada de pallares

Pallets boiled, with a vinaigrette you add tomato onions in concasse and if you want some grated cheese.

ensalada de pallares

Sopa seca

A dressing of red pepper with garlic and onion to which a little water and long noodles or spaghetti is added is more like a second.

carapulcra sopa seca

Typical drinks from Ica

Pisco de Uva macerada

pisco de uva macerada

Pisco Sour

pisco sour


cachina bebida

Chilcano de Pisco

Pisco with white soda.

chilcano de pisco

Traditional desserts Ica


They are chocolates stuffed with dried fruits and white delicacy.


Frejol colado

Bean cooked with cinnamon and cloves then liquefy, cook again and add sugar and evaporated milk.

frejol colado

Mazamorra de Uva

The grapes are crushed then cooked with cloves and cinnamon is added dissolved flour and ready.

mazamorra de uva
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