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Kuntur Wassi Colca Hotel Condors House

3 star

Hotel Description:

Rustic and welcoming, Kuntur Wassi Colca Hotel is an establishment of 3 stars category, located in the town of Cabanaconde, in the margins of the impressive Colca canyon, the deepest in the world. Kuntur Wassi is the nearest hotel to the natural viewpoint: Cruz del Condor and the only one in its category which is so close to the Colca canyon.

We are located at one block from the Main Square of Cabanaconde, the last town of the traditional Colca circuit and the only one from where is possible to see the Colca Canyon, the deepest in the world. From our facilities you have the easiest and nearest access to the best attractives of Colca: The natural viewpoint Cruz del Condor, at only 15 minutes of distance and the access to the most popular adventure routes such as the Sangalle Oasis, the waterfall of Huaruro, the Ampato Volcano and others, not too diffused, but so wonderful as the Infiernillo geyser and Huncapampa, viewpoint to the canyon.

Hotel Location: COLCA


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