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Cusco Events and Festivals

January 24, 2020 - ILE Tours Peru

Cusco celebrates hundreds of festivals along the year. Most of them are held in celebration to a patron saint and are part of the Christian calendar and were adopted in colonial times from religious superstition, magical beliefs and other influences of ancient forms of worship.

The celebration of Easter, Carnival, Corpus Christi and the feast of the “Lord of the Earthquakes”, especially “Inti Raymi” or Sun festival have special significance for the Incas and have become a form of expression of their people. The celebrations include exquisite programs of parades, dances, processions, pilgrimages, meals, crafts, agricultural fairs and other events.

Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun (June 24)

Inti Raymi or “Sun Festival” is the main event of the celebrations for the month of Cusco. It evokes the magnificence of the Inca religious ceremonies. The staging begins in Coricancha, continuing to The main Square of the city and ending on the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman. An international diverse crowd attends along with 1000’s of locals.

Moray Raymi (October 8)

During the month of October, hundreds of residents of surrounding communities attend the circular terraces of Moray to celebrate the Moray Raymi. The festivities include folk dances related to land, products and work agriculture.

Festival Sincuy (January 1)

The traditional competition between authorities of Ollantaytambo communities with games and fun.

Bajada de Reyes – Change of control rods – Ollantaytambo (January 6)

This festival coincides with the change of authority or Mayor, was carried in his hand a silver handled cane symbolizing command. Feast of the Descent of Kings, Melchor Niño procession Marcacocha to Ollantaytambo, traditional dance presentations and street parties.

Carnival in St. Paul Holyday (Feb 10-17)

District of San Pablo, in the province of Canchis of the Cusco region.

Declared “Cultural Heritage of the Nation”. On these holidays the locals express their joy and show their gratitude to the “Pachamama” (Mother Earth ) with typical regional dances.

Easter Week Cusco Holydays (Mar 24-31)

The celebration of Holy Week. Monday Procession and Benediction in the main square Parades, floats, civic functions, parties. large meals and beer fill the streets of Cusco this week.

Celebration Lord of Torrechayoc – Urubamba (May 26-27)

The origins of this festival date back to 1860 when a huge cross was placed in the snow to celebrate a mass opening of a stretch of road (Urubamba-Lares). Years later, the cross was taken to the town of Urubamba. Now the cross is carried in procession with all her jewels. The celebrations include fireworks, parade and dances.

Feast of the Lord of Choquekillka – Ollantaytambo (May 26-Jun 07)

Patron Saint of Ollantaytambo, declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation. Dances and parties. Snack Masttay, Gallo T’hippy, Corrida de Toros.

Festival Corpus Christi Cusco (June 7)

It begins with the entrance of the saints into the Cathedral, accompanied by stewards, faithful, musicians and dance bands. The main day is done with a lavish procession of the 15 images of saints and virgins from the same number of parishes of Cusco. This festival has its own gastronomy, the “chiriuchu” which is a unique viand. The festivities culminate with the “Octave of Corpus”.

Festival de Tarawasi Raymi, Limatambo Cusco (July 20)

Festival de Tarawasi Raymi.

Commemoration of Peru Independence (July 28-29)

Commemoration of the Independence of Peru. Parades and civic ceremonies.

Festival Wata Qallariy (August 3)

Ritual to celebrate the beginning of the Andean Agricultural year in recognition of gifts received from the Pacha Mama. Repayment to Mother Earth and Food Festival.

Touristic Month (Sep 1-30)

A citywide tourist program of cultural activities conferences, art exhibitions, competitions in adventure sports and sightseeing tours to rural areas. Congressional meetings with entrepreneurs, city officials, civic activities, presentation of artistic works cultural are amongst the touristic activities this month.

Display of Warachikuy Festival , Sacsayhuamán, Cusco (September 15)

Inca Warachikuy party: rite of passage from youth to maturity, is made through rigorous physical tests of skill, courage and skill, inca warrior dances and traditional music.

Santurantikuy, Cusco (Dec 24)

Cusqueñan artisans display and sell the best of their works in the main square of Cusco. Miniature animals, trees, bridges, grasses etc are all for sale to create lavish nativity scenes at home.

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