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Puno Festival and Events

May 24, 2019 - ILE Tours Peru

Puno is considered the folklore capital of Peru with its own local festivals characterized by a variety of musical and cultural expressions with the participation of more than 300 dancers and musicians involved. Different celebrations takes place year after year with other cities traveling to Puno to join the festivities. Multiple dances that have a special meanings are held every year joining the Catholic faith and the Andean traditions around the Majestic Titicaca Lake.

New Year Holiday

January 1

New Year is celebrated in all departments of Peru
Ritual Party Payment to the Earth (Pacha Mama).

Isla Amantani – Puno

January 18

Feast of “Virgen de la Candelaria”

February 2 to February 18

For 18 days the dancers faithful celebrate and venerate the Virgin of Candelaria in the Church of San Juan. The nine-day celebration begins earlier (ninth), when the stewards decorate the main church of Puno and organize three Masses with banquets and pyrotechnic displays. The main day, February 2nd, the Virgin of Candelaria leaves the temple to cross the streets in a folkloric demonstration.

Easter week Puno

Mar 24-31

The celebration of Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday when the entire population turning out in the Plaza de Armas of Puno at dawn. The towering Risen Christ image appears slowly from the Cathedral across the square as the sun rises. The sound of fireworks and bells dominate.

Feast of St. James Taquile – Puno

July 24-26

Fiestas Patrias

July 28-29

Commemoration of the Independence of Peru. Parades, civic ceremonies street dancers, school participation and fun.

Capac Ccolla Feast Sillustani Burial Towers – Puno

07 September

Reenactment of Mitica / Manco Capac /Mama Occlo Puno

November 5

The sacred couple rises out of Lake Titicaca Mitica with typical dance presentations and special programs in the city to recreate the Andean creation myth.

All Saints Day Puno

November 01

Locals visit the cemeteries of loved ones to celebrate their dead spectacularly. Mausoleums and graves are cleaned. The dead are remembered as the were in life. Relatives and friends bring meals and favorite drinks of the departed, sing their favorite songs and bless and decorate the graves.

Anniversary of the Founding of Puno

November 01-30.

Fireworks, student participation, parades, contests, floats, departmental contests, civic & military parades and communal participation are on display this month in Puno. Theatrical staging of the emergence out of the waters of Lake Titicaca of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, the founders of the Inca Empire. Rafts decorated with flowers are accompanied by native groups, dances and music festival.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Holyday Puno

December 24-25

Celebrating the birth of Jesus, and representations of nativity scenes in churches of Puno.

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