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Manu Jungle Expeditions, Loros and Guacamayos 05 days

Location: Peru
Duration: 05 Days
Type: Peru Amazon Tours.
Destinations: Cuzco, Manu Wild Life Center,  visit collpa of Loros and Guacamayos.
Difficulty: Moderate

Peru Amazon Tours: Manu, National Wildlife Center, Macaw Clay Licks.

Manu Wildlife Center is a 40 minute flight from Cusco and then a 90 minute boat ride. No other lodge in the Manu National Park offers as many attractions of wildlife including:

  • Collpa-The largest mammal in the area.
  • One-photogenic Macaw Clay Lick.
  • Many trails to see different species of monkeys.
  • Two lakes with a population of interesting birds and wolves river.



Manu Jungle Expeditions, Loros and Guacamayos 05 days

Manu Jungle Expeditions, Loros and Guacamayos 05 days

  • Day 01.- Cuzco   Manu Wildlife Center.
  • Day 02 .- Manu  Visit collpa of Loros and Guacamayos.
  • Day 03.- Exploration of the place.
  • Day 04.-Sunday: Boating by the Blanco river.
  • Day 05.-Manu  Cuzco.



Cuzco, Manu Wildlife Center.(Day 01).

Very early in the morning our representative will gather the passengers of the hotel and will transfer them to the airport of the Cusco to take a 35-minute flight towards Boca Manu.

You will travel down the Madre de Dios River in a covereed boat. After about 90 minutes, you will arrive at the Manu Wildlife Center to have lunch.

In the evening you will explore some of the 30 miles of trails that are around the Manu Wildlife Center. It is possible to find some of the 12 species of monkeys that exist in the area like the Saki Monkey and Tamarín Emperor.

After dinner, you will go towards the Tapires Collpa located one hour from the shelter.

There we have constructed a platform specially prepared to be able to observe these peculiar creatures that visit the Collpa to eat mud.

Manu, Visit collpa of Loros and Guacamayos.(Day 02).

You wake before the dawn and visit the largest Collpa of Guacamayos and Papagayos in the Manu area. The trip lasts about 25 minutes. From a floating hiding place it is possible to observe and to photograph hundreds of Papagayos of medium and great size as well as the guacamayos of red and green color that get to eat in this Collpa.

During the months of May, June and Julio, the Collpa does not have much activity like in the months of August and September. In the afternoon, after lunch, you will visit one of lakes in that area where you will find a great diversity of birds, including the Hoatzin, Shansho, as well as the wolves of river.

After the supper we will have another opportunity to visit the Tapires Collpa.

Exploration of the place.(Day 03).

You awake before the dawn to explore the trails putting emphasis in the fruit trees with the support of our staff of biologists and native guides. In this zone one can see more species of monkeys and birds. It is also possible to make a visit to one of lakes before exploring the forest trails.

After the lunch, you will have the opportunity to explore other trails in search of other birds or mammals. After the supper, according to the interest of the visitor, the Tapires Collpa can be visited again.

Sunday: Boating by the Blanco river.(Day 04).

After breakfast you will take a 25-minute boat ride towards the mouth of the Blanco River. During the tour, you will see monkeys in the trees and numerous birds.

With a little luck you may observe wolves in the river fishing or playing.

After the lunch in the Lodge, the visitors will have the opportunity to observe the Forest from one of the located platforms 35 meters in height. Later you can explore one of the numerous trails.

If you still have energy after dinner revisit the Tapires Collpa for the last time.

Manu, Cuzco.(Day 05).

After breakfast you will return to the airstrip for you flight to Cusco or Lima.

Tambopata-Sandoval Lake

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