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Luxury Galapagos Honeymoon

May 24, 2019 - ILE Tours Peru

The Galapagos are an Ecuadorian archipelago of 19 islands and 215 islets. Located in the Pacific Ocean, about 1000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, one of its greatest attractions is the biodiversity of its flora and fauna. And because they have been isolated for millions of years, they preserve unique species, without forgetting that it was precisely there that Charles Darwin studied to develop the theory of evolution. Take note of all the wonders that await you and do not forget that the best time to visit these islands are the months of May and June.

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Luxury accommodation

The hotel offer is wide and varied in the four inhabited areas to spend the honeymoon in Galapagos Island, especially in Puerto Ayora there are five star hotels, hostels, boarding houses, bed & breakfasts, beach houses.


Luxury yachts

Luxury Cruises and First Class Cruises offer double cabins with air conditioning, private bathroom with hot water, rest areas, bilingual naturalist guides of level II or level III, these boats also provide services of the highest quality standards. It is recommended that those who seek a luxury experience and greater comfort during their vacations in Galapagos choose any of these categories that fit their needs.

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What places could you meet?

Puerto Ayora Santa Cruz

Do not miss the Black Turtle Cove. Their mangroves are the place they choose to mate some species of sea turtles, rays and small sharks. In Cerro Dragón you can see flamingos and land iguanas and in the high part of the island, covered by a spectral forest of guayabillos, giant giant tortoises can still be seen in freedom. Do not miss either the tunnels made with lava that are scattered throughout the island, although many are not open to the public to be located in private areas.

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San Cristóbal

On this island, get to the viewpoint of Cerro Tijerita and Baquerizo beach, where Darwin first set foot in the Galapagos. Visit Punta Pitt, with its beach full of sea lions or Cerro Brujo, with spectacular lava cliffs that you can travel by boat. They will surprise you!

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