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Inti Raymi (2022) Festival of the Sun, Feast of the Incas

August 31, 2021 - ILE Tours Peru

We will tell you everything you need to know about the Inti Raymi: What is the Inti Raymi?, Who created it?, Where is it celebrated?, How is it celebrated? and tips for traveling to Inti Raymi this 2022.

What is the Festival of Inti Raymi?

The Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun is a traditional Inca ceremony in honor of the god Inti (Sun). It is held on June 24 in Cusco, Peru. Formerly he was known as Wawa Inti Raymi.

Where is Inti Raymi celebrated?

The main celebration of Inti Raymi is in Cusco, Peru. The Festival of the Sun is also celebrated in other South American countries such as Bolivia, Argentina and Ecuador, countries that formed the Tahuantinsuyo Empire.

Who started Inti Raymi?

Pachacutec, who ordered the construction of Machu Picchu, began this religious-cultural tradition in the 15th century. According to the Andean cosmovision, at that time the sun was starting its cycle again. Since 1944, this tradition was reinstated in Cusco. Today, it is one of the most important celebrations in Peru. Its celebration includes dances, performances, typical costumes and a series of activities ideal for tourism.

How long is the Inti Raymi festival?

It currently lasts 1 day, during each winter solstice, but at the time it had its splendor it lasted 15 days.

How do they celebrate Inti Raymi?

According to Inca tradition, Pachatutec, the first Inca, created the Inti Raymi to celebrate the winter solstice (The shortest day of the year) which marked the first day of the New Year in the Inca calendar.

All the winter solstices (between June 20 and 23) the Inca performed a ritual in honor of the sun, the highest divinity in the Tahuantinsuyo.

And if you plan to come to enjoy Inti Raymi with family, as a couple or alone, we tell you how the celebration will be this year in its 3 main scenes.

Inti Raymi 2022: Staging places

According to the tradition, It must be noted the Inti Raymi in Cusco, Peru had three scenes staged in three different places. The first ceremony was held at Coricancha Temple, where the Inca escorted by his entourage sang to the Inti (Sun God). The second one took place at Cusco’s main square, where the Inca reenacted the famous, and the third in Sacsayhuaman.

Inti Raymi 2022: In the Coricancha

There are no official seats to observe the beginning of the festivities in the Coricancha, but you can see them from the surrounding streets. The celebrations begin outside the gardens of the Temple of Coricancha, located next to one of the main avenues of Cusco, Avenida El Sol. You must arrive very early (before 7 am) if you want to position yourself in the best observation points.

Inti Raymi Festival Tours Iletours

Inti Raymi 2022: In the Plaza de Armas

The historic center of Cuzco is the nerve center of the celebrations of the Festival of the Sun. The Plaza de Armas is cordoned off. The Inca is loaded on a litter by eight servants and performs the so-called Coca Ceremony. There is a platform for tourists who bought their tickets. However, most visitors have to observe the staging of the ritual standing up. The ceremony begins at 11:00 a.m. and lasts about an hour.

Inti Raymi Festival of the Sun Cusco Peru iletours

Inti Raymi 2022: In the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman

The Chuquipampa esplanade in the Sacsayhuaman fortress is the main stage for the representation of the Inti Raymi. This place was very important during the Incas. Today, access to the public is only allowed with an entrance ticket. There are 3 platforms or grandstands conditioned to the tourist. The staging starts at 01:30 p.m. and it lasts almost two hours.

Inti Raymi Festival in Cusco iletours

We hope we have been able to satisfy all your questions about the Inti Raymi and finally it remains only to tell you that if you require a full Tour to enjoy the Inti Raymi you can contact our packages: Inti Raymi 2022: Full day or Inti Raymi 2022: 6 days (Includes visit to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas).

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