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Hotel Pozo Del Cielo Colca

3 star

Hotel Description:

Hotel Pozo del Cielo, has as its mission to diffuse our Andean Culture. More than just a resting spot, it is a fascinating experience, a vital approximation to the Andean Universe; with impressive natural scenery, we offer our visitors a unique possibility to live among the native communities of the Colca Valley, and el Sol of Sacsayhuaman, which preserves, almost completely, the customs and traditions of the Andes.

To build the Pozo del Cielo, all of the traditional architectural elements of the Collagua culture in the Andes were investigated, with the sole intention of revaluing this ancestral Andean culture, while, at the same time, respecting the natural and social-cultural environment.

Pozo del cielo, invites you to discover, from your own experiences, the lifestyles and beliefs of an ancient civilization that neither time, nor Western Invasion has destroyed.

Hotel Location: COLCA


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