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Hiking Chinchero Sacred Valley

August 31, 2021 - Iletours Peru

Chinchero, the most typical population of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, is a purely Inca city, a beautiful place, where you can walk freely, enjoying the landscape and its streets, and along the way appreciate the archaeological sets of chinchero, which It draws attention for its terraces.

Chinchero, Virgen de la Natividad Church, from the 17th century.

Chinchero church was built on an old Inca building, is a structure that mixes Inca and Hispanic architectural trends, is one of the first Catholic buildings that were built in Peru, inside it has impressive filigree murals that have religious motifs, among the pieces that stand out the most is the mural of the Virgin of Monserrat.

church chinchero virgin of the nativity

Andean Textiles Ancestral Threads

Throughout time, this town has managed to preserve this living and intangible heritage of extraordinary value, expressed in its Andean textiles, internationally recognized for its excellent work and beauty. The artisan workshops expose daily, the whole process and elaboration of the fabric, from the washing of the wool, to the final product, likewise they expose the techniques of spinning, dyeing and weaving for all the visitors.

andean textiles ancestral threads

Hikes to the Agricultural Terraces and Andean walls

This place has impressive zigzag terraces and polished stone walls.

hikes to the agricultural terraces andean walls
Agricultural Terraces
chinchero town cusco
Chinchero Tow


• Always wear a sun hat.
• Apply sunblock, preferably every 2 hours (minimum factor of 35 recommended).
• Carry a camera.
• Pay close attention to the speaker’s explanation.
• Do not make noise during the explanation, it is very bad taste and disrespectful.

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