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Gastronomy of Cusco

August 31, 2019 - Iletours Peru

Cusco has one of the best cuisines of the Peruvian Andes where the use of the potato prevails.
The usual places to try food from Cusco are the traditional restaurants called chicherias and picanterias where you can eat typical dishes like:


Made with fresh lamb, cezina, chickpeas,boiled potatoes, carrots, corn, cabbage and rice.


Chicken soup

Chicken soup with rice, potatoes, egg, parsley and boiled cassava.

caldo de gallina

Roasted guinea pig (Cuy)

Cuy oven baked with potatoes and tamales.

cuy chactado cusqueno

Kapchi Beans

Creamed beans, peeled potatoesand beans, served with rice and sweet potatoes.

olluquito con charqui cusqueno


Prepared with ground corn, can be sweet and salty.


Chicharrón a la cusqueña

Fried pork, with onion salad and yerba good with boiled potatoes and fresh corn.

chicharron cusquena


Rich red pepper soup served with chunks of white pork meat and a hot pepper served with bread. Our favorite!

adobo cusqueno

Chiri Uchu

It is a mixture of guinea pig, cooked chicken, chalona, torreja, cau cau, yuyucha, sausage, roasted corn.

chiri uchu


Everything is cooked in hot stones, lamb meat, potatoes, beans, served with cooked corn, chopped cheese and aji.


Rocoto relleno

stuffed hot pepper souffle with fresh boiled corn and boiled potatoes.

rocoto relleno

Lechón al horno

The Cusqueño piglet is one of the typical dishes that is used to serve in the Cusqueños homes, place where it is frequently prepared, likewise this traditional dish is offered in the menu of important restaurants as well as in festivals of great tradition, it is also usually eaten at Christmas dinner.

lechon al horno

Choclo con Queso

Fresh cooked corn accompanied with fresh cheese and aji, this dish is a delight.

choclo con queso

Chicha Jora

Ground corn meal fermented in water.

chicha de jora

Strawberry Chicha

Ground corn meal fermented in water mixed with strawberries.

frutillada cusquena
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