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Gastronomy and Food in Lima

November 18, 2019 - Iletours Peru

Travellers in Lima have innumerable alternatives to taste the delicious Peruvian cookery. There is an ample sort of restaurants of all kinds. As well as an incredible offer in the outskirts of the city.
From the restaurants where the most sophisticated variables are shown, which include the recent and innovative Novo-Andean food, to the restaurants specialised on fish, the so called crossbred (criolla) food, or the nooks (huariques) where truly exquisite dishes can be tasted for a convenient price.


  1. Gastronomy and Food in Lima
  2. Typical drinks from Lima
  3. Traditional desserts of Lima


Fish prepared in lemon, served with lettuce, sweet potato, llullucha.



It consists of slices of fish to which is added yellow ground garlic with the lemon juice salt pepper to taste.



The Anticuchos are small pieces of meat, guts, etc., seasoned with different types of sauce, skewered on sticks and grilled “, accompanied by golden potatoes and quite chili.


Lomo saltado

It is one of the most representative dishes of Peruvian cuisine, whose roots are nourished by Inca, European and Asian culture, particularly from China. It has the Asian technique of the pan and sauteed in cooking, giving rise to what we know now as sauteed loin, accompanied by french fries and rice.

lomo saltado with rice and cilantro recipe


The hot marinade is golden chicken in a vinegar macerate with long yellow chili onions served with olive rice and sliced boiled eggs.


Ají de gallina

The chili pepper goes back to the time of the Colony, with a generous portion of chicken, which is already cooked, the texture of this delicious dish is achieved with ground bread, milk and pecans that marvelously join the yellow pepper. When serving, add parsley, Parmesan cheese and dehydrated (olives, pecans, yellow peppers). Finally it is decorated with a cooked egg.

aji de gallina

Causa Rellena Limeña

Yellow potato squeezed with a juice of a ground yellow aji lemon to which a chicken filling with mayonnaise and avocado is placed.

causa limena

Choro a la Chalaca

Onion chopped in brunoise with chopped rocoto tomato with plenty of lemon juice and salt to taste.

choros a la chalaca

Tacu – Tacu

It is cooked beans from a previous day mixed with rice with a simple fried dressing.

tacu tacu

El Cau – Cau

It is the belly of the boiled beef in an onion dressing with carrot arbejitas and potato squares.

cau cau

Ají de Gallina

Parboiled and frayed chicken with a yellow chili smoothie bread in an onion dressing.

aji de gallina


The hot marinade is golden chicken in a vinegar macerate with long yellow chili onions served with olive rice and sliced boiled eggs.


Typical drinks from Lima

Pisco Sour

pisco sour arequipa

Chicha Purple

Its origins date back to pre-Hispanic times, where it was prepared for medicinal and then ceremonial purposes. At present, chicha morada is a refreshing drink made from purple corn, pineapple, along with spices (cloves and cinnamon), before serving, sugar is added, fruits cut into small pieces, lemon juice and ice.

chicha morada

Inka kola

Drink that is accompanied with almost all Lima meals.

inca kola

Pisco sour

The cocktail called pisco sour originated in Peru in the twenties of the twentieth century in the “Morris Bar”, on Boza 847, in the Jirón de la Unión in downtown Lima, pisco sour was offered as a novelty, inspired by sour whiskey. At present this cocktail is Cultural Patrimony of the Nation.

pisco sour arequipa

Traditional desserts of Lima

La mazamorra morada

The purple mazamorra is a typical dessert of Peruvian cuisine, made from concentrated purple corn with starch, cinnamon, cloves, pineapple peel, and with all kinds of dried fruits, This dessert is specially prepared in the month of October , where the month of the Lord of Miracles is commemorated.

mazamorra morada peru

The best picarones

It is a Creole dessert dating back to the time of the Viceroyalty, it is prepared based on sweet potato and pumpkin, wheat flour yeast, egg yolk, salt and anise, served hot and sprinkled with thick cane honey. The picarones are offered during the procession of the Lord of Miracles.


Creamy Rice Pudding

The recipe comes from the first years of the Republic and throughout the nineteenth century. It is basically prepared with rice, sweetened milk and spices such as cloves, cinnamon, orange or lemon peel, raisins, grated coconut, vanilla essence, and even some liquor. It is decorated with cinnamon powder.

arroz con leche

Sigh of a woman from Lima

It is a typical sweet capital of a consistent cream, but soft at the same time, beaten and cooked from milk, sugar and yolks, flavored with port wine or sherry. It is served by the glass and has a cover of meringue sprinkled with cinnamon, which provides a pleasant visual contrast in the presentation. “

suspiro a la limena

Doña Pepa Turron (Nougat) 

This dessert was also known as “honey nougat” or “nougat of the Lord of Miracles”. The recipe was a “Peruvian adaptation” of the classic Spanish nougat or alba nougat.

turron de dona pepa
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