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28 June National Ceviche Day

January 22, 2020 - Iletours Peru

Ceviche: Peruvian National Dish

Every June 28, Peruvians celebrate the national day of this emblematic dish, which was declared as “traditional Peruvian food”.

Peru is celebrating; and it is that one of the most representative dishes of our country, is this well-known dish, which delights even the most demanding palates.

The Cebiche can be prepared in different ways and each chef gives it its original seal. Fish, salt, lemon, rocoto, cilantro and other ingredients come together to create the signature dish of our country and, this June 28, is partying.

28 June National Ceviche Day

Basic Ingredients of Ceviche

The basic ingredients of any Peruvian ceviche are: pieces of fish, onion, lemon juice.

Types of Cebiche in Peru

There are different types of ceviche also derived from ceviche that have achieved great popularity. It is important to note that they are all made from fish, they are also made with red meats, seafood, crustaceans and vegetables.

Fish Ceviche: It is the most common type of ceviche, prepared from slices of fish in a square shape that are then mixed with lemon and salt. Mostly the fille of solefish, pejerrey, mackerel, bonito, grouper, tollo, parakeet, trout is used, but it is also made with parts that have bones, as is typical in the region of Piura with mackerel ceviche.

fish ceviche

Mixed ceviche: It is the one that contains the same ingredients as the common ceviche, to which different seafood or fish have been added.

mixto ceviche

Ceviche de conchas negras: It is a typical dish of the coasts in fact based on black shells and yellowed in a classic way with Chulucanas lemon, seasoned with red onion, garlic, hot pepper and finally Peruvian rocoto.

ceviche of black shells

Shrimp Ceviche: It is a typical dish of the Arequipa region.

shrimp ceviche

Octopus Ceviche: It is similar to the common fish ceviche, it is different when prepared with tender octopus or boiled water to soften its meat.

octopus ceviche

Amazonian Ceviche: It is typical of the Peruvian Amazon, which consist of being prepared with regional fish meat (from the Amazonian rivers), being able to be paiche, Amazonian goldfish, Amazonian croaker, maiden, tiger catfish.

ceviche amazonico

For this and for many reasons, it is always a good time to taste a delicious ceviche also recognized for its great nutritional value and its properties.

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