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28-29 Peru’s national Holidays, time to celebrated

August 31, 2021 - ILE Tours Peru

The patriotism invades the cities of the country all over the month. On July 28 and 29 Peru celebrates, but… What exactly?
On July 28 is commemorated the proclamation of the Independence of Peru since 1821, but the celebration of the national holidays goes much further than remembering this date. The Peruvian anniversary is about the pride of a country. The pride of the world-renowned Peruvian cuisine, the biodiversity, its incredible ancient culture, races, languages, and people.

personas con trajes coloridos durante el corso nacional en Lima.

Each of them. With all the richness hat each one has to offer you. It’s celebrated that in just a few hours you pass from the coast to the highlands and forest, enjoy different dances, music, and traditions in each region

In Peru, these days are called Fiestas Patrias and are celebrated in whole Peru with lots of parades and of course, the cities are decorated with the Peruvian flag.

bandera flameante, en río Amazonas en Perú

Additionally, many of these national holidays fall during the celebrations of major festivals and events in Peru, so you might want to consider travel during this time to dive further into the Peruvian culture.

grupo de jóvenes peruanos tocando  cajones

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