Four ways to reach Machu Picchu

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Here are a Four ways to reach Machu Picchu:

1. Via Train

On the map Figure train from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu Pueblo, it is the shortest and most common route. There are also train from Cusco, but offers only Peru Rail and some of their top services. To go from Cusco to Ollantaytambo there are several buses and vans that operate durate all day. You just have to ask any taxi or hotel’s whereabouts. Over 2 years ago I was 10 soles per person in the vans.

At the time of this post there are two railway companies: Peru Rail and Inca Trail. For Peruvians there is a local train whose ticket purchase is with DNI.

2. Via Santa Teresa

It is advisable to go when it rains NO. I went for santa teresa in May 2010 and had no problem. The rainy season is usually from December through March, but you never know with the weather. It is always best to ask the tourist information booths if the path is in good condition at the time of the trip.

3. Inca Trail

It is a trek that can last 4 or 2 days depending on the point from where you begin walking. It is mandatory to go with a guide and why you need to hire a tour Inca Trail. Must book in advance as there are a maximum of entries per day in order to protect the site.

4. Trekking Salkantay

As the Inca Trail became so famous, it is difficult to get a space if not booked well in advance and their prices increased due to high demand. Therefore, many people began to go down the route of Salkantay, which can go on your own (it is always better to hire a local guide to avoid getting lost) and also contrantado tour of a travel agency.

Once it has reached Machu Picchu Pueblo or Aguas Calientes, you must go by bus or walking (all rise) the archaeological site.

Additional tips for your visit to Machu Picchu

  • Take sunscreen – the sun is stronger at high altitudes
  • Bring food and drink with you – although signs say it’s prohibited, you will be grateful for a bottle of water (just don’t litter)
  • Once you arrive, take the iconic ledge photo, then just wander and enjoy the site
  • If you take the path up from Aguas Calientes to the site, consider taking the bus back down; it is almost as hard climbing down the steps as up them
  • Don’t forget your passport when purchasing tickets in the office, as it is required for bookings


Four ways to reach Machu Picchu

Four Ways to reach Machu Picchu