The Colca Canyon

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Colca Canyon – Cruz del Condor

The Colca Canyon, dream landscape (the National Reserve of Cañahuas Pampas, Pre-Inca tombs, Chivay and The Mirador de la Cruz del Cóndor)

The Colca Canyon is identified as one of the largest tourist destinations in Peru. Located in Arequipa, its name comes from two ancient ethnic groups that inhabited the area as the son of the Collaguas and Cabanas.
It should be noted that the Colca Canyon reaches 3,200 meters deep, making it one of the deepest canyons in the world, accompanied by the Cotahuasi Canyon, also located in the region of Arequipa.

The Flight of the Colca Canyon Condors

There are many and powerful reasons that make this unique area one of the favorite destinations for all tourists or local languages as foreigners. Among them, it is possible to emphasize the factors of the enormous variety of biodiversity that are recognized in the length and breadth of the territory.
In the Colca Canyon is located in a large number of plants and animal species, such as the Andean cat (which is on the way to extinction) or other protected animals such as the Andean Condor or the vicuña.
In the Colca area, hot springs and geysers are also popular, offering an opportunity for all tourists to enjoy a unique natural spectacle and the option to relax in a bathroom.


Another of the natural wonders of the Colca Canyon is the Colca River that crosses its territory. This river, of approximately 130 kilometers offers another opportunity to live unique experiences for travelers who, besides enjoying the views, can carry out other types of activities.
Hot tub, hiking, boating. All these activities are just some of the activities that the Colca Canyon keeps for all who come to visit it. Adventures, relax, scenery. Anything that a traveler is looking for experience in this beautiful area.
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