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Mysterious Peru Tours Customers

Dear Mark,

We finally have a chance to write a quick note and attach our thank you letter for you and your company.

We had an amazing experience and it was possible because of you and the amazing people you have working with you as part of your team. Thank you for everything and please do not hesitate to let us know if you are ever in Canada for a visit and or if we can help in anyway in some of the project you conduct once in a while for the benefit of the Peruvian Children.

The intent of this letter is to express our sincerest appreciation for the touristic services that ILE Tours provided for my husband Paul and I, (Aida). Coming from a North American cultural where booking tours has been reduced to the input of one’s credit card, your company’s approach to custom made packages for individuals is an amazing breath of fresh air. As part of the pre-planning for this trip, it was very comforting to be able to make contact on Skype with you for all of our one hundred and ten questions prior to our departures. With your answers and patients we were able to understand how the touristic booking system in Peru works. (Basically do not leave anywhere without your Passport…LOL!). Without the Spanish linguistic skills, we would not have been able to travel in Peru to the locations of our desire and experience what we had without you and your staff. Everything from our arrival to Lima and being picked up by Richard, to being personally meet by you in Cusco; to our tours of the Sacred Valley and our independent day in Ollantaytambo; our December 21st Winter Soles ceremony with Shaman Pumus and Rubin our tour operator guide at Machu Picchu will always be the warmest of memories in our hearts and minds. Your attention to detail was superb.

Paul and I were attracted to your company for the Mystical aspects that some of your tour packages described in the first place and we were defiantly impressed! After leaving Cusco and your ability to be flexible in assisting us in adding an extra day to Puno was extraordinary as we were able to visit Ile del Sole on the Bolivian side of the Titicaca lake. Our stay at the Casona Plaz Hotel was most excellent. Alexsander and Luz Marima were helpful and extremely organized throughout our stay in Puno. We had time to see and meditate at the sacred Inca Puma rock and the Murray Doorway. Titicaca lake was an ethereal experience, as for those who are in the know if it being the Sacral Chakra of the Earth.

Thank you for everything that you have done, and mostly of the kindness and willingness to share with other people about the costumes, history and traditions of Peru. We came with little knowledge of Peru and we left with an incredibly warm and loving place in our hearts four Peru. We hope to one day find ourselves visiting and exploring other parts of Peru, but until then we will insure to let our friends and family know about the magic of ILE Tours’ staff

Many thanks and warm wishes!