Tipon Cusco

The Archaeological Park of Tipon

Tipon Archaeological Park

Tipon is another magnificent public works spectacle 13 Miles east of Cusco in the Southern Valley. It is remarkably well-preserved jewel of engineering by the Incas and Waris people not seen by many tourists.

Tipon Ciatdel is a 500-acre, self contained, walled settlement of stunning civil engineering achievement. Its waterworks, and massive structures are visually and functionally unprecedented. Tipon was designed and constructed in harmony with the natural environment to exploit 2 different water sources for the benefit of creating residences for Inca nobility, community development, soil preservation, advanced irrigation and to give Inca engineers an opportunity to really show what they could accomplish.

Tipon was a place that would integrate water, soil, agriculture and topography, the Inca created a virtual water garden that impresses all who visit. Canals, plazas, aqueducts and fountains still function as they did 450 years ago.

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