Archaeological Park of Pisac

by / Martes, 20 Septiembre 2016 / Published in Archaeological site, Culture Discovery

Pisaq is cool little town 35 minutes NE of Cusco. Its known for its huge market on Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays- that’s when the tourist buses roll in. It also has some of the best ruins in the Sacred Valley, Inca Pisaq. Its the Sacred Valley‘s easternmost fortress. Its a good place to spend a day. The hike up to the ruins is not easy. You go steeply up many crude, uneven steps that wind back and forth up the the “hill”. You can make the hike more difficult if you want by veering off the path a little as you climb higher.

archaeological park pisac Its best to plan on taking 2 or more hours to reach the top stopping often to see the magnificent views of the Sacred Valley to the west. Bring water, some snacks, your tourist ticket for admission, some coins to give the kids selling hippie friendship bracelets and take your time. You will climb through the symmetrical agricultural terraces that you saw as you approached Pisaq from the south.

archaeological-park-of-pisac There was a local guy walking along playing the pan flute pretty far away from us but the music carried so beautifully it sounded as if he was right next to us. If the Andes has a soundtrack its the pan flute. Another older local guy was walking the trail bent over with a large bundle of sticks on his back soliciting photo opportunities so we were happy to give him a few coins too. At the summit you will be rewarded by some of the finest stone work you will see in and around Cusco.