Hotel Description: Rustic and welcoming, Kuntur Wassi Colca Hotel is an establishment of 3 stars category, located in the town of Cabanaconde, in the margins of the impressive Colca canyon, the deepest in the world. Kuntur Wassi is the nearest hotel to the natural viewpoint: Cruz del Condor and the only one in its category

Hotel Pozo Del Cielo Colca

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Hotel Description: Hotel Pozo del Cielo, has as its mission to diffuse our Andean Culture. More than just a resting spot, it is a fascinating experience, a vital approximation to the Andean Universe; with impressive natural scenery, we offer our visitors a unique possibility to live among the native communities of the Colca Valley, and

Casa Andina Classic Colca

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Hotel Description: Rustic, relaxed & intimate, with individual stone casitas (with thatched or clay roofs), plant-lined walkways, an open-air patio with center fountain, and the hotel’s own vegetable garden. The hotel features an onsite planetarium and a spacious, pitched-ceiling restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner – showcasing local musicians and dancers performing Andean and Colca

Colca Lodge

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Hotel Description: Built completely of stone, mud bricks and thatch roofs, Colca Lodge is located in the heart of the Valley, next to the Colca River, in the midst of ancestral farming terraces. With a particular architectonic style inspired in the ancient Inca buildings, Colca Lodge has been able to combine its attractive rustic style

Las Casitas Del Colca

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Hotel Description: Las Casita del Colca is a luxury hotel set in the peace and serenity of the Colca Canyon in Southern Peru, one of the most visually stunning destinations in the world. Las Casitas del Colca boasts twenty individual casitas offering supreme privacy and exclusivity and an opportunity to experience the beauty of the