Cuisine and Gastronomy of Arequipa

The Gastronomy of Arequipa has international reknown. It has a great variety that is the biggest variety compared to that of the other departments of Peru and it’s well known for its good taste, the way it is seasoned and its red pepper; it’s for that reason that the places in which it’s sold are called ” picanterias ” (from the word picante meaning: too much hot ).

Typical Food of Arequipa Adobo Cerdo

Pork Adobo

Pork marinated overnight in salt, vinegar, red pepper, garlic, cumin, rue, oregano, two onions cut into thick slices and chicha. Boiled and served as hot soup with bread.

Typical Food of Arequipa Soltero patitas


Cooked corn kernels, beans and carrots peeled and chopped tomatoes, cheese, olives and parsley served with potatoes and a lettuce leaf.

Typical Food of Arequipa picante camarones

Spicy shrimp

Prepared with yellow panca peppers sauce, oil, onion is added to the shrimp and cooked potatoes.

Typical Food of Arequipa chupe de camarones

Shrimp chowder

Soup cooked with milk, eggs and oregano.

Typical Food of Arequipa ocopa arequipeña

Ocopa Arequipeña

Potatoes baked, topped with cheese sauce, beans, onions, olives and chilli served with lettuce and boiled egg.

Typical Food of Arequipa caldo blanco

White Soup

Chicken soup with potatoes, cassava, Moray, parsley Pork skin, fried pork, onion salad, mint with boiled potatoes and corn kernels.

Typical Food of Arequipa solterito

soltero de patitas

cheese salad, beans, onions, olives, tomatoes and hot peppers with potatoes and black olives.

Typical Food of Arequipa cuy chactado

Cuy Chactado

The guinea pig Chactado accompanied with potatoes and roasted corn salad with lettuce and tomato.

Typical Food of Arequipa chicharron


Pork fried, onion salad and mint with boiled potatoes and fresh corn.

Typical drinks from Arequipa

Typical drinks from Arequipa anis najar

Anis Najar

Typical drinks from arequipa pisco


Traditional desserts Arequipa

Desserts Typical of Arequipa Vinuelos


Desserts Typical of Arequipa tocino cielo

Tocino de Cielo

Desserts Typical of Arequipa queso helado

Queso Helado

Desserts typical of arequipa queso helado

Queso Helado

Desserts Typical of Arequipa quincosen


Desserts Typical of Arequipa alfajores


Fruits Arequipa

Typical Peruvian Arequipa Fruit Chirimoya


Typical Peruvian Arequipa Fruit Higo


Typical Peruvian Arequipa Fruit Lucuma


Typical Peruvian Arequipa Fruit Pepino


Typical Peruvian Arequipa Fruit Papaya Arequipena

Papaya Arequipeña

Typical Peruvian Arequipa Fruit Mango


Typical Peruvian Arequipa Fruit Uva


Typical Peruvian Arequipa Fruit Sandia