Traditional Christmas in Peru

Traditional Christmas in Peru; in the sierra is where Christmas awaits the most genuine essence of Peru. If on the coast the “Black Boy” draws attention, in the sierra is the “Manuel Manuelito” the protagonist. This name comes from the Spanish clerics who referred in their masses to “Emmanuel” (which means “God with us”).

Women and crafts are great icons of mountain Christmas. Thus, there are frequent markets of local craftsmen such as Ayacucho, where colorful parades are also performed with masked characters. Many of the localities of the whole area of the sierra celebrate the advent in a very authentic way linking it to the local traditions, celebrating a Christmas of marked and welcoming rural character.

In the city of Cusco, the largest of the mountains, the emblematic Plaza de Armas becomes the great meeting point for Christmas. On December 24 a large fair is organized by artisans, peasants and pastors of the region who gather to sell their best products of the year. The multiple positions surprise the Christmas shopper with handicrafts in wood, metal, cloth, etc., and especially with the figures representing the birth, especially those of the “Niño Manuelito “.

Traditional Christmas in Peru: here we have the packages to enjoy this traditional holidays in Peru

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