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Peru Mystique

Perú Mystique Self Balance Work

Peru Mystic Tours: Self Balance Work

Self Balance Work 5 Days / 4 Nights

Self Balance Work

A beautiful experience will balance you spiritually and put you in touch with the Andean Elements

Duration: 5 Days
Category: Peru Mystique, Culture/History, Train Journey
Destinations: Cusco • Nación Qeros • Sacred Valley • Machu Picchu.
Self Balance Work
  • Day 01.- Cusco.
  • Day 02.- Nación Qeros.
  • Day 03.- Sacred Valley.
  • Day 04.- Machu Picchu.
  • Day 05.- Machu Picchu.


Cusco.(Day 01).

Visit the city of Cusco and acknowledge its ancient spirituality. Visit the famous temples and the palaces of the inka kings.

Be in touch with the local people. Our goal is to practice the perfect Ayni (sacred reciprocity) with the free flow of universal energy and to be able to handle the quality of energy we contact.

Nación Qeros.(Day 02).

qeros-pery-mystiqueWe begin our celebration with the ceremony of natural forces in the asking of permission to proceed. This is done by one of the Andean priests (paqo) who come from the high Andes Mountains in the Keros community.

He will prepare the offering (Despacho) to integrate and introduce us into the Andean world. We will have klunch before being transported to one of the ancient lagoons to burn the offering and give back and enter into a higher level of consiousness.

Sacred Valley.(Day 03).

We begin this day with a connection and integration with these sacred elements in the Sacred Valley of the Incas: illapa (lightnig) , pacha mama (mother earth), apus (mountains) , tayta inti (sun), mama quilla (mother moon ), mama cocha(water) and chaskas (stars). Stay the over night in the Sacred Valley to observe the stars.

Machu Picchu.(Day 04).

Early Vistadome train to Machu Picchu, checkin to our hotel and enjoy lunch. First visit the sacred city of Machu Picchu in the afternoon when there are less people. Enjoy its spirituality and call to the natural forces to complete our balance work.

Machu Picchu.(Day 05).

Machu Picchu Guided Tour We take the first bus to Machu Picchu to arrive for the sunrises. Continue to explore and receive more insights and explanations on the scientific and spiritual ways of the Incas.

Return to Cusco at 1:20 pm
Free afternoon in Cusco.