Visiting “Pachacamac” the energy of the earth, like the ancient Pilgrims

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Archaeological Complex of Pachacamac

Pachacamac the energy of the earth.

I think much of Lima know or have heard of Pachacamac archaeological complex, but do we really understand what it was or who was ?. Often visited landmarks and received much information is lost in our memory.

As we said our guide, Pachacamac it is land and energy.
The energy of the earth, the soul of the earth, and also called the Maker of Earth, is the deity worshiped ancestors.

Thousands of pilgrims came to present themselves before the idol of wood and ask for solving their problems. Pachacamac was an oracle that could predict the future, and to see it was necessary to fast for 20 days to one year.

House of "mamaconas" in the temple of Pachacamac.

Pachacamac, Acllawasi, Mamacona

Walking through the Sanctuary of Pachacamac

The visit can be made on foot or by car. I prefer to walk because they toured the pilgrims.

It’s like time travel: a walk into the past that begins in the oldest area, the first temples, and ends in the Inca area, peak season. During the tour you can see how the buildings become more complex and shows the evolution of cultures.

1. Adobitos: the first Temple of Pachacamac.

They were built by the Lima culture, 200 AD – 600 AD. It is a seismic building by the vertical position of the bricks as shown in the photo.

2. Pyramids ramp (1100 AD to 1470 AD).

Built by Ychma culture for their rulers and entourage, who went up the ramp. There are 16 !!! pyramids, why archaeologists believe was the capital Ychma.

3. Temple of the Sun, Incaica era (1470 D.C.).

The Incas came to diplomatic agreements with Ychma and respected worship Pachacamac. During your domain, built the Templo del Sol in highest del Santuario, and the famous Acllawasi. Here found sacrifices of women buried with fine offerings.

The view from the Sun Temple is privileged. I think the place invites you to take time to admire the scenery and thank the universe or deity of the religion they profess for all that we have. The pilgrims also come to appreciate and think it’s an important part of the experience of visiting a “Pachacamac“.

Archaeological Complex of Pachacamac - Lima - Peru

Archaeological Complex of Pachacamac – Lima – Peru

Travel Tips

1. How to get there?

With public transport you can reach in vans that go to Pachacamac and can be taken in the clover or whereabouts of the Pan-American south. Also there you can find groups.


10 Adult soles 5 university soles, one school sun or children under 12 years.


20 soles serving groups up to 20 people. To use the visit requires a guide, otherwise, we will see the buildings but we can not really understand what they meant. Worth hiring a guide.

4.Schedule attention:

Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm Sundays 9 am to 4 pm

5.Other sightseeing options in Pachacamac:

for those who like walking in the countryside, surrounded by flowers and greenery, can visit the Lomas de Lucumo. Its green season is from August to October / November.

Are encouraged to visit Pachacamac? After the visit I think we have not changed much in terms of religion, maybe just some ways. We continue to see temples to ask a deity to help us in our troubles, apologize and thank. We continue to offerings.

What do you think?