Recommendations & Travel Tips to the City of Cusco

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At ILE Tours Peruan Travel Corporation you are our concern; Here we help you clarify the doubts that frequently arise when you plan trips such as: Where to start? What to look for? What to buy? Important points to plan your trip. “Recommendations, Travel Tips City Cusco,Cuzco”

Recommended Season

In Cusco two seasons are distinguished according to the influx of visitors: high season and low season.

  • High season: Influence of visitors in greater quantity, from the month of May-June until the month of November.
  • Low season: where obviously you will find the tickets, hotels, reservations, among other things, with much higher prices.

Note: The whole year is susceptible of being seen. ILE Tours recommends you visit in the months of April to May, there are not many visitors in the archaeological sites and the rains are rare.

Recommendations and Travel Tips to the City of Cusco-Pisaq

How to get there

The traditional way to reach Cusco is by air.

Cusco is connected by important roads that communicate it with the main cities of the south of Peru and the city of Lima.

The Airport of Cusco (CUZ) is the Airport Teniente Alejandro Velasco Astete.

  • Air: From the airport of Cusco there are regular daily flights from / to Lima (approximate flight time, 55 minutes). There are regular flights from / to Arequipa, Juliaca (Puno – Lake Titicaca), and Puerto Maldonado (Tambopata).
  • Land route: Cusco is connected by important highways with the main cities of southern Peru, which connect it with Lima – Nazca, Arequipa and Puno and Puerto Maldonado

From Cusco there are train services to Machu Picchu and Puno.

  • Road Lima / Nazca / Cusco
  • Road or Train Cusco / Puno – Lake Titicaca.
  • Road Cusco / Arequipa

The Vistadome Train - Cusco

What to do

Cusco is bigger than its name. His rich history has baptized him in many ways and his writing is accepted in different ways. You can visit:

  • Museum of Art and Monastery of Santa Catalina
  • Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Regional History Museum
  • Museum of Site of the Qoricancha
  • Museum of Popular Art
  • Qosqo Native Art Center
  • Monument to Pachacuteq
  • Pukapukara
  • Saqsaywaman
  • Qenqo
  • Tambomachay
  • Tipon
  • Pikillacta
  • Viewpoint of Pachacuteq

Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Complex


In Cusco there are only two seasons in particular: rainy and dry.

  • The rainy season is usually stronger from December through March.
  • The dry season from April to November.

Note: A good option can be to visit Cusco between April and May, just after the rainy season but before the high season starts. And the weather will also be nice and warm.

Holiday dates

  • The Cruz Velacuy party
  • The Feast of the Lord of Qoyllur Rit’i
  • Corpus Christi
  • The Inti Raymi – Feast of the Sun (June 24)
  • Warachikuy



The city of Cusco has many peculiarities to know and explore, here are some of them:

  • Cuzco is said but also Cusco
  • Cusco, the navel of the world
  • The day of the Comadres
  • High altitude sickness? Drink coca
  • The Flag of Tahuantinsuyo
  • The Christ of the tremors


Health and safety

The city of Cusco is safe in places where you see yourself surrounded by tourists, the center, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu. In one of the most touristic cities in the world it is predictable that there are petty thefts and scams. To avoid this, simply do not leave your valuables alone or trust in free things.


If you are a student you should take out the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which allows you to have discounts at hostels, as well as get the ticket to climb Machu Pichu (sells 128 soles) at half the price as well as the tourist ticket in Cusco and other advantages. (It costs about 18 USD).

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