Festivities in Arequipa

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Festivities in Arequipa

The region of Arequipa also has several tourist attractions like: Mirador de Yanahuara, that has written phrases of celebrated personages; Village of Sabandía, with houses in the republican style; Thermal Baths of Yura, known for their therapeutic properties; Caves of Sumbay, rock art with antiquities of 6000 or 8000 years approximately; In addition to the volcanoes Misti, Pichi Pichi, Ampato, Chachani, Coropuna, Sabancaya and Hualca Hualca.

Extension: 63,345 km2


The region has a semi-arid and temperate climate. The rainy season starts in January and ends in March.

Semi-arid and temperate

  • Maximum temperature

22 ° C

72 ° F

  • Minimum Temperature

5 ° C

41 ° F

Access roads

  1. Aerial access road

Flights from the cities of Lima (1 hour), Cusco (30 minutes), Juliaca (30 minutes).

Flights from Tacna (30 minutes) Flights from La Paz – Bolivia (Monday – Wednesday and Friday / 40 minutes).

  1. Land access road

Lima-Arequipa: 1,003 Km

On the South Pan-American Highway (14 hours by car)

Dates in Arequipa

  1. Carnival Party in Camaná

From: 01-February-2017

Until: March 31, 2017

Three days before, the guachanacos (masked riders) walk the streets of the city inviting people to celebrate the carnivals. The central day of the party is the “yunza” or “cortamonte”. On this date you can enjoy the delicious dishes typical of the place.

  1. Virgen de Chapi

From: 01-May-2017

Until: 01-May-2017

Pilgrimage that crosses the Arequipa desert to venerate La Virgen de la Purificación or Virgen de Chapi. The pilgrims carry stones of different sizes with those that form the apachetas calls, that symbolize the sins of the devotees. In the evenings, the image of the miraculous Virgin that will be in procession is watched with infinite candles. There are also fireworks displays and typical viands are offered.

Location: Chapi (2,420 meters above sea level).

Road: Chapi, 87 km southeast of Arequipa. (3 hours of walking from the area of 7 Toldos).

  1. Anniversary of Cotahuasi

From: 04-May-2017

Until: 04-May-2017

It is the most important costumbrista festival of the province. There are bullfights, competitions between dance groups and visits are promoted to different attractions of the department.

  1. Anniversary of the city of Arequipa

Since: 01-August-2017

Until: 31-August-2017

For the celebration of the International Fair of Arequipa (located in Cerro Juli), artisan exhibitions in the Fund El Fierro, Festival of Dance-Festivities. On the main day, August 15, a Corso de la Amistad runs through the city.

  1. Inmaculada Concepcion

From: 07-December-2017

Until: 10-December-2017

On December 8, after the procession, the men dressed in women’s suits to approach the women and the raptors in a unique dance. The festival is a good reason to visit the 16 baroque churches of the Colca Valley, the hot springs of La Calera, the beautiful andenerias of the second deepest canyons in the world and appreciate the wonderful flight of the condor.

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