Luxury Tour Perú Lima – Cusco Machu Picchu Inti Raymi (festival of the sun)

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Hello Mark and Milagros,

Just returned home yesterday after a tough ride home on Avianca and Continental. When we arrived at the airport in Cali, we were advised that Avianca does NOT have an interline agreement with Continental thus we would need to pick up our bags and recheck in Bogota. Our trip was truly wonderful. I had a grand and terrific time. I was sorry not to get to see the dancers in the square in Cusco, but Sula really wanted to shop. Machu Picchu was incredible and every bit as exciting as I had imagined. Had we gone on the tour that afternoon, I don’t know how we would have faired as Sula does not speak English! Buses leave every few minutes! As it turned out that was my only opportunity to see the dancers and enjoy the costumes and music. Ruben was awesome as a guide and well worth the extra amount we paid. We did have trouble with the tickets to enter the park. Ruben had to call the hotel manager to intervene. The delay made us miss the sunrise, but the views are so beautiful that I just tossd it up to c’est la vie!
Lima is a great city and we really enjoyed visiting. Our driver Richard and Nieves were super. We all laughed so much and had so much fun. Getting up at 2:00 AM on our departure was not fun, but we survived!!
We had a wonderful time in Cali visiting with family and friends. We went to a great restaurant outside the city and saw a show of beautiful horses, incredible training. Live music and BK and I danced! Even though we skipped Bogota, BK still gifted me a beautiful new emerald. Wow, am I lucky!
So, my email is down at home and I don’t know if I will have email this weekend. It really was so swell to meet you both, you are a lovely couple and we wish you only the best with your expanding family. Thank you for your kind words, I do appreciate it!

Hugs y abrazos,