Lima Paracas Nazca Lines Machu Picchu

by / Jueves, 20 Noviembre 2014 / Published in
Pavlo Moroz /Natalia Rostovska

Dear Mark,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful tour you and your colleagues organized for us. It is really rear case when everything does work so accurately and timely. You definitely exceeded our expectations! I could not even imagine that with such a short notice and within so little time we shall manage to see so many interesting places. All excursions, sites, hotels and transfers had been so nice. We spent lovely week in Peru and liked the country so much that we will be back as soon as we have a chance to. We are very much grateful to you and your colleagues for this unforgettable vacation. Should we know how wonderful the tour is, we would definitely schedule more time for it. Next time we shall follow your advice and go to Ti-Ti-Ka-Ka J I will definitely recommend you and your company to all my friends! Please stay in touch and feel free sending any promo events or interesting news 🙂

With very kind regards,