Gocta Waterfall (La Catarata Gocta) (Peru, South America

Gocta Waterfall (La Catarata Gocta)

the fortified citadel of Kuelap  chachapoyas peru

The Fortified Citadel of Kuelap

sarcophagus karajia tombs

The Sarcophagi of Karajia

Mausoleums of Revash and Leymebamba Museum

Mausoleums of Revash

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Gocta: The world’s third highest waterfall discovered in Perú

Gocta (Spanish: Catarata del Gocta) is a perennial waterfall with two drops located in Peru’s province of Chachapoyas in Amazonas, approximately 700 kilometres (430 mi) to the northeast of Lima. It flows into the Cocahuayco River. Although the waterfall had been well known to locals for centuries (it is in full view of a nearby village), its existence was not made known to the world until after an expedition made in 2005 by a German, Stefan Ziemendorff, with a group of Peruvian explorers.
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Chachapoyas Kuelap Tour 04 Days – 03 Nights

  • DAY 01: Fortified Citadel Kuelap. (Marvel of Peru)
  • DAY 02: Sarcophagi KARAJIA (The sacred tombs of the Chachapoyas) + QUIOCTA.
  • DAY 03: Revash Mausoleum And Museum Of Leymebamba.
  • DAY 04: Gocta Waterfall (the third highest in the world 771 meters) – CHICLAYO


DAY 01: Fortified Citadel Kuelap. (Marvel of Peru)

Bus terminal greeting and secure transfer to your hotel where you can refresh yourselves before being picked by our staff to visit the fortified citadel of Kuelap. You’ll have time to observe the archaeological site of Macro and the spectacular buildings that are located on the slope of a hill on the banks of the river Utcubamba. Finally arrive to the fortress of Kuelap located at a rocky 3000 meters above sea level. Visit its main buildings and houses, the large Temple, the south platform and more. Lunch when you return to Chachapoyas and transfer to hotel.

DAY 02: Sarcophagi KARAJIA (The sacred tombs of the Chachapoyas) + QUIOCTA.

Hotel greeting to depart to the town of Cruzpata to begin a 30 min walk to visit the burial site Chachapoyas sarcophagi Karajía which is considered the most spectacular and unique in all of Peru and the world. Its funerary statues are located in inaccessible cliffs and kept there for centuries. Here lie the mummified bodies of the most important rulers of the Chachapoyas. Guide tour, lunch, and explore the cave of Quiocta where there thousands of stalactites and stalagmites. Return to Chachapoyas and hotel.

DAY 03: Revash Mausoleum And Museum Of Leymebamba.

Depart towards the village of San Bartolo to begin a 45-minute walk to the funeral chullpas Revash, a mausoleums of one and two-story gabled roofs and decorated with Chachapoyan iconoraphy with paintings depicting figures of animal, human and geometric shapes. Guided tour, transfer to the town of Leymebamba, lunch, afternoon visit the Community Museum of Leymebamba and its 219 mummies of Chachapoyas still in great condition. Here we can appreciate, weavings, ceramics, weapons, musical instruments and an interesting collection of Incan quipu. Return to Chachapoyas and hotel.

DAY 04: Gocta Waterfall (the third highest in the world 771 meters) - CHICLAYO

Hotel greeting and transportation to visit the village of Cocachimba and the waterfall Gocta about 2.5 hrs. On the way we will observe diverse flora and fauna to the base of the waterfall for time to enjoy and relax. Later we will return to Cocachimba for lunch before returning to Chachapoyas and the the bus.