Sandoval Lake Tours, Collpa of Guacamayos 05 Days

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icon-angle-double-left Location: Peru
icon-angle-double-down Duration: 05 Days
icon-angle-double-right Type: Peru Amazon Tours
icon-angle-double-up Destinations: Cusco, Puerto Maldonado, Collpa of Parrots and Guacamayos, Sandoval Lake Lodge, Heath River.

This unique tour provides you the opportunity to stay in 2 fine lodges in 2 different eco-systems; The Heath River and Sandoval Lodges and enjoy the amazon river wildlife.

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Puerto Maldonado, Sandoval Lake Lodge, Heath River Tour 05 Days

  • Day 01: Cusco - Puerto Maldonado
  • Day 02: Collpa of Parrots and Guacamayos
  • Day 03: Sandoval Lake Lodge - Heath River
  • Day 04: Sandoval Lake
  • Day 05: Puerto Maldonado - Cusco


Day 01: Cusco - Puerto Maldonado.

Reception and transfer from the airport of Puerto Maldonado to the port located in the Mother of God River. From the port we travel by motorboat for about 4.5 hours until we arrive at the Heath River Wildlife Center. During the trip we will sail east on the Mother of God River towards Bolivia. On this tour 75% of the creeks of the rivers are covered by primary forest. This is different than the Tambopata river where 15% are primary forest cover the river. When we arrive to Heath River, the natural border between Perú and Bolivia, we will change to smaller boats that will take us to the Heath River Wildlife Center. The owners of these lodges are the Ese Eja natives. This is the only shelter where the native community is 100% owners of the lodges. During the trip we will have a delicious cold lunch. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR PASSPORT FOR THIS TRIP (IT IS IMPORTANT) since the lodge is on the Bolivian side of the river. In the evening, our hosts, the Ese Eja natives will take us to explore the forest and to look for the different species of monkeys and hundreds of species of birds that live in this place of paradise. After dinner we will explore the forest with our lanterns, including a visit to see diverse mammals eating the mud for their diets.

Day 02: Collpa of Parrots and Guacamayos.

Early in the morning we will board the canoe and sail on the Heath River to interesting collpa of Parrots and Guacamayos. The trip can last between 45 minutes and one hour. During the journey we will appreciate birds and be able to spot one or two families of Capibaras in the banks of the river. Capibaras are the greatest and most photogenic rodents of the world and are giant relatives of the guinea pig. They weigh up to about 55 kilograms. After lunch and a brief rest, we board the canoe to direct us to another part of the forest and take a small long walk to discover trees of nuts of Brazil which can be 55 meters high. The native cut the nuts from the trees. This is an important economic activity that the Ese Eja natives have done for many years. Now the ecotourism will be a source of income to improve its standard of life.

Day 03: Sandoval Lake Lodge • Heath River.

Once again we will rise very early for a second visit to the Collpa de Guacamayos. Later, we will return to the lodge to gather our suitcases and to initiate our trip towards the Sandoval Lake Lodge. The lodges are located on the borders of the Sandoval Lake and are considered by the specialists, the most beautiful and attractive lakes of the Peruvian forest. A cold lunch is included. Then we will board our boat and travel on the Heath River to the Mother of God River. We will start on a 45 minute hike that will take us towards a narrow channel where we will approach a small canoe that will lead to us towards the Sandoval Lake. After admiring the beautiful lake, a boat will lead to us towards the Sandoval Lake Lodge. On this tour we will observe the famous aguajales with palms where at dusk the guacamayos arrive to spend the night or to remain in their nests. At night we will have supper rest in our comfortable rooms with a view of the lake.

Day 04: Sandoval Lake.

Early in the morning we will awake to visit the Sandoval Lake. We may observe birds in search of food and with a little we might see a family of 9 wolves near the river. This species is in danger of being extinct. The first hours in the morning are without a doubt, the best moment to see fauna and to obtain good photographic shots of the wolves in search of fish. We return for shelter for our breakfast. For those with energy left, we will walk by the trails explaining certain characteristics of the forest and medicinal uses of some plants of the place. After a short rest after lunch we'll visit part the lake where we can appreciate one or more of five species of monkeys that live in the area (Capuchín Monkey). Return to the shelter for dinner and later a nocturnal visit to see the Black Caymans (rare in the Amazon).

Day 05: Puerto Maldonado - Cusco.

Soon after breakfast you will return to the airstrip for your flight to Lima or Cusco.