Luxury Cumaceba Lodge Iquitos

Amazon Basin: Cumaceba Lodge is a Ecological Private Reserve located 21 miles from Iquitos city. At the shore of the majestic Amazon River. The Transfer is by speedboat approximately 1 hour down river.
The construction of the lodge is typical, is designed with a palm roof and wooden structure, similar to the houses of the early Amazonian settlers, built without disturbing the jungle. There is a reception house, hammocks for relaxing, dining room and private bungalows, all of which are protected with mosquito nets. Each cabin has its own toilet and shower.

In the evening kerosene lamps are used, There is also a bar where you can try the local drinks, some of which are said to have aphrodisiac effects! We also have sodas, beer, wine, whisky, rum, Vodka etc.


  • Night trips by canoes.
  • Ecological walks in primary forest.
  • Visits to see the “yagua” Indians.
  • Birdwatching at the Shansho lake Which is considered to be of great importance due to the number of species of birds.
  • Visits to local villages.
  • Grey and pink dolphin watching, and also a chance to see the famous anaconda, boa constrictor and many other animals such as monkeys, sloths, turtles, alligators.
  • Lily pads “Victoria Regia” the largest aquatic plant in the world.
  • Fishing fort Piranhas and other species.
  • Visit to a hamlet on the Amazon that produces the famous sugar beat rum and it’s medicinal derivatives
Iquitos Jungle Tours Wildlife – IGUANA
05 Days – 04 Nights

Iquitos Wildlife Iguana Tour

Destinations: Iquitos – Cumaceba Lodge.- Navegation on the Amazon river, walk for the amazon observing the flora and fauna.

Iquitos Jungle Papagayo Tour
04 Days – 03 Nights

Papagayo Tropical Bird Watching

Destinations: Iquitos, Cumaceba Lodge, Bird watching, Monkey Island.

Toucans tropical bird watching03 Days – 02 Nights

Toucans Tropical Bird Watching

Destinations: Floating houses of Belen, Amazon River, Yagua native community.

Pink River Dolphin in Iquitos Amazon
02 Days – 01 Nights

Pink River Dolphin in Iquitos Amazon

Destinations: Floating huts of Belen, Amazon River, Look for pink and gray dolphins Visit a Yagua Indian etnia.