Traditions Christmas Peru

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Due to its large indigenous and Catholic populations Christmas is a special time in South America and Peru. Here describe how is the Traditions Christmas Peru.

Mixing and adopting traditions while maintaining a strong sense of their own heritage Peruvians relish Christmas with dancing, markets, and festivals all week and make it a special holiday destination.

Traditions Christmas Peru

Noche Buena or a good night is Christmas Eve in Peru when most families celebrate the holiday with food, drink, gift giving and fireworks.  Midnight mass is also a big part of Christmas Eve

After midnight mass families return home to a toast to the christ child with  sparkling wine and other seasonal favorites to celebrate Christmas with a large assortment of food and to exchange presents.

Traditions Christmas Peru - misa-de-gallo

Christmas Decorations in Peru

Slowly Christmas trees are gaining popularity due to their commercial popularity in northern and european countries but emphasis is on the creative manger scenes people erect in their houses of small figurines, Andean mountain backgrounds, angels and manger animals with a local twist.  You’ll often see llamas and alpacas amongst sheep, cows and lambs overlooking the baby in the manger.

In the Andean regions gifts are not exchanged until January 6th, The Epiphany, or when the Three Wise Men visited.

Traditions Christmas Peru-decoration

Christmas Food in Peru

Most of the food has its roots in Peru’s gastronomic traditions.  Ever present ahi (chilis) is always available to add a kick to any dish. A Christmas Eve isn’t complete without Champagne, hot chocolate with cinnamon and cloves and the popular panetonne fruit cake.

Family, friends and (although illegal) abundant fireworks continue the celebration until after midnight.   After the children have finished opening presents and have been put to bed the party continues with drinking and dancing often until sunrise.

Traditions Christmas Peru-dinner

Christmas is for the believer and non-believers who share the joys of getting together, sharing, inviting others into their homes to enjoy the special time of the year.