Peruvian Cuisine

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Tres Reasons why to try Peruvian cuisine

Peruvian cuisine is now considered amongst the world’s favorite.

It has a wide variety of dishes and spirits that must be indulged during your trip to Peru.
All regions of Cusco (within its three main regions of coast, mountains and jungle), have proudly created their own dishes made from the local plants, herbs, vegetables, livestock, potatoes, tradition and knowledge found in each locality with a region.

  1. Mixed cultures

Peruvian cuisine is a fusion of mixed customs, traditions and ingredients mostly from Spain & Africa. Great knowledge, experimentation and a desire to honor tradition created these delicious blend of flavors that today has been adapted and adopted by Peruvians.

Each dish is an homage to the land and Peruvian soil. Achieving awards and worldwide acclaim has made Peru a world class culinary destination only adding to the reasons to visit Peru.

Peruvian Cuisine-Productos Andinos

  1. Recognition worldwide

Peru has not only won awards for its delicious dishes but also for it’s world renowned spirit Pisco which has won the gold medal at the World Competition in Brussels. Peruvian restaurants have also gained great recognition worldwide such as Astrid y Gaston, Central and Maido all on the list of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World.

Peruvian Cuisine

  1. Authentic Flavors

An abundance of authentic flavors found nowhere else in the world are the result of a wide variety of fresh ingredients and preparation and cooking methods of Peruvian ingenuity.

Unique Peruvian creativity creates and offers a wide variety of food, soup, grain, sauces, salads desserts and drink options where you will want to try everything at least once.

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