Peru’s wine industry dates back to the mid 16th. Wine was first brought over by the conquistadors and grapevines soon followed during the subsequent Spanish colonization of Peru. A wine industry developed through the years most prominently in the vineyards of the Ica valley on the Peruvian coast. With its dry, sunny, desert climate and

Peruvian Cuisine

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Tres Reasons why to try Peruvian cuisine Peruvian cuisine is now considered amongst the world’s favorite. It has a wide variety of dishes and spirits that must be indulged during your trip to Peru. All regions of Cusco (within its three main regions of coast, mountains and jungle), have proudly created their own dishes made

Traditions Christmas Peru

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Due to its large indigenous and Catholic populations Christmas is a special time in South America and Peru. Here describe how is the Traditions Christmas Peru. Mixing and adopting traditions while maintaining a strong sense of their own heritage Peruvians relish Christmas with dancing, markets, and festivals all week and make it a special holiday destination. Traditions Christmas