Experiential Tourism and Homestay in Perú

Experiential Tourism Peru

Homestay Program:ILE Tours and its Homestay program offers you an alternate to staying in hotels while visiting Peru. For those wishing to immerse themselves, their group or family into the local culture more we offer the option to stay and share meals with a local family. Many students, professionals and travelers use their trip to Peru as an opportunity to learn more about the local culture, improve their Spanish, learn a little Quechua, eat fine locally prepared foods and experience life in Peru more intimately at a reasonable.
By staying with a local family in a safe neighborhood you will get off the tourist path to visit local markets and see how meals are prepared. Learn more of about local customs, lifestyles and traditions in a safe family environment.

New Experiential Tourism Program 2017


turismo-vivencial-img04Our host families become our friends and are known to us. They have been screened, interviewed and the house and accommodations they offer are inspected before anyone is going to stay with them. Host families are invited into our program only if the can offer us and our guests a safe neighborhood, a safe home, near a major bus line and a welcoming atmosphere. Chances are you will remain lifelong friends with your host family after you share time, stories and a respect for each others’ cultures.

Before arriving you will be asked if you have specific requirements such as dietary restrictions (gluten free, vegetarian, dairy intolerance etc), physical limitations (like issues with climbing stairs), pet allergies, religious obvservances or if you are a smoker so we can better screen families to meet your needs.

On the other hand you will be sent your host family confirmation to tell you a little about your host family such as their occupation, number of children if any, number of people living in the house, pets, etc.

What will be expected of YOU!

You will be expected to be a good guest in someone else’s home. Follow the rules of the house, keep your room tidy, make your bed, keep the bathroom tidy, offer to wash dishes, take out the trash, respect other’s privacy and do what you would if staying with friends. A good rule of thumb is to act so that you will be invited back. Keep the family informed of when you will return after being out especially if you will return late. Ask for permission if you wish to invite guest to the house. Be respectful and remember to always say por favor, gracias, disculpe, buenos dias, buenas tardes and buenas noches. Greet everyone who is in a room you enter and greet anyone who comes into your presence. All of our home families are drug free and drug use cannot be tolerated.

If you are sick you will be assisted in every way and taken to a clinic if necessary.

If the family you are placed with is not meeting your expectations notify us immediately and we will place you with another family.

Included in the Homestay Program:

  • Airport transfers
  • Safe, welcoming environment
  • A family looking out for your well being
  • Clean room with lock on the door and a key given to you Quality living conditions
  • Private or shared bathroom
  • Help navigating the buses, taxis and transportation in general
  • 3 home cooked meals per day. Box lunch to go if you will be out
  • Dietary restrictions honored
  • The chance to improve your Spanish
  • Help with laundry
  • Personal assistance daily

Other Information

You will be greeted and returned to the airport so we will collect your flight and passport information from you before you arrive. We will also need information such as number of people in your party, ages, dietary preferences, religious observations, allergies, smoking habits and preferences, level of Spanish proficiency and any other information that you think would be useful with regard to placing you with a host family.

The more communication before you arrive the better.

Breakfast in Cusco consists of bread, oatmeal, butter, jams, an egg, fruit, coffee, tea, milk and juice Lunch is the main meal between 1-3PM. Rice, potatoes, vegetables, chicken, meat or fish. Dinner is usually what was not finished during lunch or something light around 7PM.

If you are not happy with your family speak to us immediately and we will offer you other alternative.

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