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Holiday in Peru 2014
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Peru Holidays and peruvian Festivals 2014

Holy week 2014 - main days march 28 & 29 (duration a week)

Holy week is the main religious festival that remainds the sacrifice of Jesus, Son of God for human redemption, in Peru is celebrated every year, since Catholicism was introduced by the Spanish in the Andean peoples, the weeklong celebration, starting Friday and ending on Palm Sunday. Easter celebrations in regions of Peru are characterized by a unique blend of popular religion and culture, each of the regions expressed through various forms, inherited traditions for decades.

Holy Week Festivities in Perú 2014

holy week in Lima

Peru Holidays and Festivals Peru 2013 peruvian holidays

One of the most ingrained habits at Easter in Lima is the tour by the seven churches. Visitors can participate in the pilgrimage of the seven monuments that gathers different Brotherhoods. Begins on traditional pilgrimage processions that go to the Archbishop of Lima.

holy week in cusco

Peru Holidays and Festivals Peru 2013 peruvian holidays

In Cusco, a deep faith still lives with much fervor in the hearts of the inhabitants, so it is interesting to participate in activities such as on Holy Monday (March 25) is the procession of "Taytacha of Earthquakes" central day taking place in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, walk by main streets of the historical center of Cusco decorated with floral carpets.

Holy Week in Arequipa

Peru Holidays and Festivals Peru 2013 peruvian holidays

Streets of the historic center of Arequipa will be invaded by the religious fervor of the output of "Christ of Charity" on Holy Monday, marking the beginning of one of the most important celebrations in the Catholic liturgical calendar of Arequipa. Hundreds of parishioners accompany the procession slowly amidst chants and prayers.

Holy Week in Chiclayo

Peru Holidays and Festivals Peru 2013 peruvian holidays

The greater fervor in celebrating Holy week, is celebrated in the district of Reque, province of Chiclayo, Lambayeque region. With the participation of a total of 180 live actors that portray the Stations for Easter.

Holy week in Trujillo

Peru Holidays and Festivals Peru 2013 peruvian holidays

They perform a lot of activities for Holy Week in the city of Trujillo (La Libertad), among which stand out the Cross in Holy Tuesday (March 26), to be staged in the main square from 5: 00 pm, also will be performed the procession of the sacred image of the Lord of Miracles and Our Virgin of Sorrows, the arrival of a pilgrimage from the province of Viru.

Holy Week in Ica

Peru  Holidays and Festivals Peru 2013 peruvian holidays

It is a religious festival in which all week processions are staged through the main streets of the city, and bring together thousands of devotees who come to the city to worship the "Lord of Luren their saint patron." The course is for more than 12 hours, the miraculous image is worshiped by thousands of faithful.

Vacation Packages for Holy Week and Easter 2014

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