Tourist Attractions in Ica

Ica Destination

The city of Ica is located south of Lima, just 4 hours from the capital. Ica offers you and your family to wonderful beaches with a varied marine faune, site museums and excellent accommodation. Meet the wonderful Square Area, Historic Huacachina lagoon where you can take a ride on the paddle boats and enjoy a quiet day. The surrounding dunes are other interesting and entertaining destinations of this wonderful place, the tour can do walking or in buggies offered by just expert tour operators!!

Department of Ica is famous for its countryside and good quality of wines and Piscos. It is the cradle of pre-Columbian Cultures like : Nazca and Paracas.
Landed on its shores Jose de San Martin with its liberating expedition in the Bay of Paracas, today called “Bay of Independence”.

The Huacachina Oasis

The Huacachina Oasis ica peru
The oasis of Huacachina,is surrounded by large sand dunes, suitable for practicing the sport of sandboarding and other adventure sports its a touristic and romantic place.
The lagoon of Huacachina is an oasis located five kilometers west of the city of Ica, Peru, is presented as a true natural oasis amid the white sands of the coastal desert of Peru.
From emerald green waters, arose due to upwelling and undercurrents around it there is an abundant vegetation composed of palms, eucalyptus (introduced species) and the species known as Huarango carob, which serves the rest of migratory birds passing through this region. All this contributes to making Huacachina one of the most colorful and beautiful attraccions in Ica Peru.