Tarawasi is an archaeological site in Peru

Tarawasi Archaeological Complex

Inca Architecture in Tarawasi

The archaeological complex of Tarawasi is located in the district of Limatambo in the province of Anta in the department of Cusco at about 2,675 meters on the left bank of the river Limatambo. Tarawasi would have been one of the many complexes commanded by the Inca Pachacutec during his reign (1438–14712). It is built on a Ushnu, a kind of pyramid-shaped ceremonial altar. Is also said to have been built as a place of rest or religious ceremonial center.

Among the major buildings of this complex can be found farms, agricultural terraces, the Temple of Tarawasi. Agricultural terraces shows the presence of irrigation canals. At The Temple, which is the main attraction of the resort, you can see its two superimposed terraces. The facade of this terrace has a length of approximately 100 meters in contrast to the second terrace which reaches only an average of 37 meters. The structure of the stones used for the building of the architectural ensemble of Tarawasi are andesite stones that have been previously carved octagonally and finely polished so that the mortarless joints between the stones are perfect.

We can also see the construction of windows or niches they reach the size of a man and the presence of a special engraving is in one of them that seems to reveal a floral motif. Tarawasi also has evidence of a ranch constructed there in the eighteenth century during the colonial era. The ranch was built used copying the style of an Inca palace.

 Tarawasi inca ruins ancient Limatambo Cusco Perú


Tarawasi Stone Inca ruin Limatambo Cusco Perú


Saywite Archaeological Complex

Saywite Archaeological Complex is located in the district of Curahuasi Abancay province, in the department of Apurimac, at kilometer 45 of the highway leading from Abancay to Cusco.

Its biggest attraction is the Saywite stone, a block of granite from eleven meters in circumference, four in diameter and nearly two and a half meters high. Its top is carved with mysterious figures which represent the map scale of Tawantinsuyu. There are over two hundred figures in relief of the flora, fauna, topography and customs of the time of the Inca Empire.

Its use and function is currently unknown but because it is built on a ceremonial center it most likely had religious significance.



Stone Saywite - Cusco Perú

Raymi Festival Tarawasi – Limatambo Cusco