In the Inti Raymi “The Feast of the Sun” there were several reasons that led the Inca civilization to make sacrifices and offerings to the king. One was that the Incas, like the nobility of Cusco, were considered natural sounds of the Sun; They obeyed his existence, and they had to reciprocate him with sacrifices

“Moses and the Ten Commandments”: Actors Sergio and Guilherme visit Machu Picchu. GRACIASSSSSS PERU!!!!! hasta pronto!!!! Te quiero mucho!!! #machupicchu ♥️ #peru 🇵🇪 A post shared by Guilherme Winter (@guiwinter) on Aug 20, 2017 at 7:25pm PDT Guilherme Winter and Sergio Marone, protagonists of the Brazilian telenovela, enjoyed the beautiful city of Cusco after their

Quechua language solidarity and beautiful in the worl, says this anthropologist and American linguist. After 10 years a study revealed that the Quechua language is focused on the neighbor, different from the Spanish language, which has an egocentric dye. Quechua is a language based on the millennial Andean philosophy of ayni (mutual aid, cooperation). That

This Peruvian city is among the best destinations of 2017 The readers of Travel + Leisure magazine placed Cusco in the ranking of the best cities in Latin America in 2017. Here we invite you to know the Top 10 of the list. Cusco was included in the ranking of the best destinations of Latin

Sarah Michelle Gellar marvels at Peru

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The actress of the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” visited the citadel of Machu Picchu. Sarah Michelle Gellar arrived last weekend to the city of Cusco, where she was able to visit the citadel of Machu Picchu. This was announced through the Instagram account. The actress of world-wide fame by its protagonist in the series

Wataqallariy 2017

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Beginning of the agricultural year Andean traditions remain untouched in places like Cusco, where on August 1 thousands of locals and even tourists celebrate the start of the New Agricultural Year. For this purpose has been prepared the delivery of offerings in different places such as Apu Mamá Simona located outside of Cusco or Apu

Peruvian Pottery Chulucanas

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Chulucanas derives from the Quechua word “Chullucani” which means “I melt”, referring to the heat of the deserts in this territory of northern Peru. With up to 40 degrees of heat in summer, Chulucanas is the capital of the Morropón Province, 45 km from Piura which is reached in a journey of 40 minutes. But

Peruvian Paso Horse

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The Peruvian Paso or Peruvian Horse is a breed of light saddle horse known for its smooth ride. It is distinguished by a natural, four-beat, lateral gait called the paso llano.This breed is protected by the Peruvian government through Decree number 25919 of Peru enacted on November 28, 1992, and has been declared a Cultural

Peru’s wine industry dates back to the mid 16th. Wine was first brought over by the conquistadors and grapevines soon followed during the subsequent Spanish colonization of Peru. A wine industry developed through the years most prominently in the vineyards of the Ica valley on the Peruvian coast. With its dry, sunny, desert climate and