Luxury Hotels in Machu Picchu

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Sanctuary Lodge Machu Picchu Luxury Hotel

Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge is the only hotel located adjacent to the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu and the perfect base by which to explore the area.

One of the world’s major heritage sites, Machu Picchu is a sacred and magical place of spectacular sunrises and mystical moonlit nights.


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Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

How does one best prepare for a visit to the enigmatic Lost City of the Incas? Nothing less than a natural paradise will do -a paradise where one connects completely with the sacred energy of the mountain. In Inkaterra’s vacation paradise and luxury boutique hotel, a pueblo of luxurious whitewashed bungalow nestles into terraced hills. Spa services use sublime natural essences, and a first-class restaurant boasts stunning views of the rushing Vilcanota River.


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Sumaq Machu Picchu Luxury Hotel

SUMAQ is the only five star hotel in Machu Picchu Town (formerly Aguas Calientes), it is located at only 20 minutes from the Machu Picchu archaeological site. The large and fine facilities offer a living experience with the most representative of the Inca culture.

Sumaq means ‘a great stay’ for those seeking comfort, relaxation and elegance, surrounded by an attentive staff at your disposal while you also enjoy the best Peruvian food in Machu Picchu.


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Hatun Inti Boutique Machu Picchu

Hatun Inti is known for the high quality in its services and friendly people, located in the most attractive destination in Peru, offers all the amenities that travelers expect and a wide variety of services and amenities that aim to provide a stay special and quality, offering a unique experience, which allows you to enjoy the magic and the incomparable cultural cuisine.


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Casa del Sol Machupicchu - Boutique Hotel

Casa del Sol Machupicchu – Boutique Hotel

Casa del Sol offers a unique experience where you can interpenetrate with the surrounding nature, enjoy a place where you feel that time has created a wonderful, mystical full of energy place at the pace of the Vilcanota River – Machu Picchu.


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Casa Andina Classic Machu Picchu

Casa Andina Classic Machu Picchu sits in a 5-level building sits on the banks of the Vilcanota River. The train station is next door and the town’s main street is a few minutes’ walk away. As one of the newest hotels in town, the Machu Picchu edition of the Casa Andina Classic brand guarantees a great nights’ sleep to travelers on the way to or from a visit to the Incas’ Lost City.


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Killa inn Hotel

It’s a new unit in “Grupo Inti” chain, with its rustic style that has always characterized us. This unit promises to meet the expectations and demands of our customers because it has a beautiful location with dual access and view to the most important Apus (Mountains) Urubamba River and thus once again join our efforts to present a welcome alternative where our customers not only feel the beauty of the environment but will enjoy the warmth and service that is only found in the hotel chain GRUPO INTI


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Hatuchay Tower Hotel Machu Picchu

Looking out over the Sacred River of the Incas, in the town of Machu Picchu, within the Machu Picchu Sanctuary itself, and just minutes from the fabulous Inca citadel, one of the architectural wonders of ancient Peru, lies a wonder of modern engineering: the Hatuchay Tower Machu Picchu Hotel.


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Andina Luxury Hotel

The Andina Luxury Hotel is located 200 meters from the Hotel Presidente, near the train station. We offer 31 rooms. 20 rooms enjoy a view of the river and 11 look over the street.

The Andina Luxury Hotel is located 200 meters from the Hotel Presidente, near the train station.

Elevator , Electronic lock , Sauna , Gymnasium , Conference room , Restaurant


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El Mapi Hotel Machu Picchu

Smart and contemporary are the defining elements of this hotel, amidst the commercial village of Machu Picchu Pueblo (Aguas Calientes), from where you can admire and interact with the quaint folksy town and get a different perspective. The hotel is efficient, playful and people friendly; it welcomes a wide range of guests expecting an uncomplicated visit. Turn into an amiable and healthy environment after your enlightening visit to Peru’s most distinguished destination, the Machu Picchu Archaeological site.


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Inti Inn Hotel

INTI INN the HOTEL With 30 matrimonial, double and triple rooms, Inti Inn is well set up with all the comforts and services necessary to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your stay.

From here you can experience close contact with the cradle of the Incas, enjoy the relaxing hot springs, wander the paths overlooking our beautiful rivers, and enjoy the exotic climate of our town.


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Inti Winaywayna Hotel

Situated in a special place within the neighborhood of Wiñaywayna, our foremost advantage is our location at the edge of the forest, with its privileged view of the town and beautiful mountains of Machupicchu.

We have 12 matrimonial, double and triple rooms, with all the comfortable furnishings that will make your stay enjoyable.


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Inti Orquideas Hotel Machu Picchu

A newly acquired hotel with the delightful rustic style characteristic of the Grupo Inti chain, Inti Orquideas is located in Orquideas neighborhood only 5 minutes from the train station in Machupicchu town and 10 minutes from the main square.

Surrounded by the tranquility that the landscape offers, we have created a perfect place for rest and relaxation.


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Rupa Wasi Condor House Eco Lodge

Rupa Wasi’s unique location provides for spectacular views of the mountains of Machu Picchu. Rooms boasting balconies allow our guests to take full advantage of these surroundings This design marvel fits together magically with the green surrounding of Aguas Calientes to create a peaceful environment, an invitation to relax.


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